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Outside Privacy Policy

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Outside and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Beyond the information Apple provides to developers (which you can opt out of), Outside also uses Firebase Services (Firebase's Privacy Policy can be found here – note that Outside only uses a small subset of Firebase's many services). These services help to identify crashes and stability issues (Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring) and why they're caused (e.g. a condition that is crashing a lot of devices), which greatly speeds up and eases the ability to fix them. The information collected is completely anonymous. Outside does not sell or rent your data, and the anonymous information collected is solely used to help make the app better.

Outside contains an option to use Location Services which allows the application to instantly retrieve the weather forecast for your area – and only that. Your location data is sent only to Apple and the World Air Quality Index Database for the forecast retrieval process. All other collected data (such as preferences) is stored locally and never leaves your device.

By using Outside, you are additionally subject to the Apple Privacy Policy.